Overview of WGL APAC-ASIA New Format and Favourite Tank Choices

Sat 19th Dec 2015 - 9:00pm : General

The new season of WGL APAC-ASIA Season II 2015-2016 is well underway as the most exciting iteration of E-Sports gaming by Wargaming that we have seen to date.

The earlier, or should I say 1st iteration was played with a 7/42 format where you will see combinations of 5 Tier 8 tanks with 2 Tier 1 tanks or 1 Tier 2 tank is a distant memory to most and nostalgia to some. Gameplay was more static and drawn out as the Tier 1s were mainly used for scouting in a bush somewhere on an exposed flank. Favourite tanks were normally AMX 50 100s, IS3s, T32s, M26 Pershings, AMX 13 90s and the infamous Tier 1 tanks, the T1 Cunningham and Leichttraktor.

Then it was changed to playing with a 7/54 format comprising maximum Tier 8 tanks and below. Tanks line ups were normally comprised of 5 to 6 Tier 8 tanks and either 1 Tier 6 or 2 Tier 7 tanks. This definitely added more flow and dynamics to the battles as the lower tiers were able to hold their own in a fight as compared to the Tier 1 one shottable paper tanks. Tanks that were favoured were the usual Tier 8 suspects as per the earlier format. However with the new Light Tanks that were newly introduced in patch 9.3, tanks like the T-54 LT, RU251, M41 Walker Bulldog and LTTBs were a welcomed addition to veterans like AMX 13 90s. The T-54 LT wolf packs were the most devastating tank line up especially in open maps where its combination of armour and speed made it the most preferred choice of top teams.

For the new season, Wargaming has decided to change it up again with a no-holds-barred 7/68 iteration of World of Tanks E-Sports where the highest tier in the game i.e. Tier 10s, are introduced for the 1st time. And my oh my, what a hell of a change this was. This has got to be one of the most exciting change to have happened to the league and is sure to garner more fans and interest to World of Tanks. Though this format has just been introduced for the 2015-2016 season, we are seeing a more varied tank line up with favourites like the E100s, T110E5s, T57 HTs, FV215Bs, AMX 50 Bs, IS7s for tier 10s and tier 9s like Conquerors, AMX 50 120s and T10/IS8, taking the lead as most favoured heavy tanks. For the medium tanks, we have seen mainly Obj. 140s, Bat. Chatillion 25T, STB-1s for tier 10s and T-54s for tier 9s. Will we see a more varied choice of tanks picked for this new format as more teams experiment with other tanks? We have already seen the likes of WTE100s and FV183s picked by some teams for certain maps.

All in all, this season promises to be the most exciting and heart-pounding season of WGL  APAC-ASIA and shows just how the tournament scene of World of Tanks have matured.




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