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Tank History

The Object 140 is a tier 10 medium tank from the Soviet line. Other than the Object 140, there are two other tier 10 mediums in the medium line, the T-62A and Object 430.

It was an experimental medium tank that was developed between 1953 and 1958 in Nizhny Tagil to replace the T-54. A total of two prototypes were built, but in 1958 the project was terminated in favour of the Object 430.


Tank Statistics

The Object 140 is the most commonly used medium tank in the new Tier X tournament format. Why do teams pick the Object 140 over other medium tanks is quite simple. It has a FANTASTIC DPM of over 3000 which allows it to wreck havoc over the battlefield. Coupled with its 6 degrees of gun depression, the Object 140 can also work certain ridge lines to its advantage with its strong turret armour. However, safe stowage is highly recommended for the Object140’s loader as the ammo rack is very weak which could lead to frequent ammo racks.


Tank Armour

Angled at 45 degrees, the Object 140’s upper hull effective armour can vary from 220mm to 260mm depending on where you shoot at it while the lower hull’s effective armour will vary from 220mm to over 340mm. These armour values are taken from scenarios in which someone is assumed to be shooting you from 200m away.


Tank Equipment

Active Spotter Setup

Regardless of the role, a vertical stabilizer is always highly recommended for the Object 140 as it helps with accuracy when shooting on the move or when the turret is being moved. Optics to add 10% to view range as well as a rammer to help you increase the already awesome firing rate.


All Rounder - Maximum DPM Setup

If you desire to have a tank that has a slight increase in all its stats at the expense of some view range, then the optics can switched out for the improved ventilation which helps the Object 140 with its overall rate of fire, mobility and gun handling, etc.



Although the Object 140 has two other siblings from the Soviet medium line – T-62A and Object 430, the key reason that the Object 140 is still picked in tournaments over the other two tanks is the 6 degree gun depression because the maps in the current tournament – Prokhorovka, Cliff, Ruinberg, Ghost Town, etc. all favour tanks that have gun depression. Besides, the less you show your entirety of your tank (hull), the more you are able to conserve your HP in that precious first few minutes before the all out brawling begins. The excellent top speed of the Object 140 also allows it to work well in a wolf pack of medium tanks to quickly flank around the enemy to cripple them from the rear.

Food for thought: Does it mean the Object 140 will always remain the first pick medium tank for tournament? Not necessarily. The Object 430 is getting a HP and module buff in patch 9.13 which may see its popularity rise. Time will tell.



Tom Ryan

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