TopicThis Is How You Use Meditation For Stress Relief

  • Wed 22nd Aug 2018 - 6:41am

    The Meridian Health Protocol is based on a certain ‘secret’ that the Chinese used since ancient times. According to them, a system like this could even reverse the long-term effects of many diseases. However, since modern illnesses are much more robust than those of long ago, some tweaks must surely have been made. This Chinese secret lies in meridians. Meridians are much like the chakras involved in yoga. These are certain areas or point on our bodies which are like the tunnels of energy. If the energy is flowing correctly, there would be none of those pesky problems that have a negative impact on health.

    However, with our unhealthy lifestyles, such as the consumption of junk food, fast food, and processed sugar, we have effectively shut off certain energy flows on our meridians. The same effect is produced by a sedentary lifestyle, which is, unfortunately, the habit of most people in the West. With doorstep delivery and Netflix, how can we expect to be active? With these habits blocking the meridians, we experience horrible problems such as the growth of cancer cells, memory loss, diabetes, and so much more. There are several ways in which the Meridian Health Protocol Summary can help us lead better lives in every way. By alleviating our health, it could relieve us of many metal and emotional stresses that have a negative impact on us and those around us.


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