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  • Mon 17th Jul 2017 - 11:02am

    Joint Complex 4000

    A few years ago I suffered from a heel spur, and at times I was in such agony I could only crawl around the house. The relief I experienced from pricking and cupping my heel and foot was absolutely fantastic. The internal heat in my foot was so great that the blood which poured from the pricked area sprayed into the cup with volcanic fury.

    The beauty of blood letting is that it draws out the old, stagnant, overheated and often black blood, and allows the body to replace it with new, clean blood. Just a few drops of blood squeezed out makes a profound difference to the blood flow in the entire body.

    Naturally, this is a medical practice and as with all things medical, should be used with caution. In particular, there are several contraindications for the use of cups. Joint Complex 4000 Review  They should used not be used in the abdomen or lower back of pregnant women; on people with cardiac problems, diseases of the blood vessels, anemic or weak patients; on the throat region or when organs are inflamed or perforated. There are other contraindications which should be studied.

    Bleeding should never be practiced on someone taking any blood thinning medication e.g. Warfarin, as the patient will not stop bleeding. Diabetic patients and patients with cardiac disorders should not be blood let. Anemic or weak patients should not be blood let as they can not afford to lose blood.

  • Thu 20th Sep 2018 - 8:14am

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