Topichigh-tech civilization product to destroy

  • Tue 30th Jun 2020 - 3:34am

    Tang Seng is very careful, and the real strenght is strong, the method attack Yan that adopts a sneak attack this time flies, be want a shot to extremely kill.Who know a calculation mistake, underrated outside skeleton armor of severe, plus him not to acquaint with geography, be always flown by the Yan to lead long a nose to walk, finally be again covered up under the underground. Tang Seng and Yan flew to once take place to twice resist face to face, two Tang Seng all occupied the absolute advantage of real strenght, all of the beginnings of two conflict are the sneak attacks that Tang Seng flies into a line to the Yan, but two final outcomes are all similar, all Tang Seng be flown pit by the Yan must cover up into underground.It is intentionally an imperceptibly but inexorably to don't know as well arrangement, is still that Tang Seng and underground decree by destiny, again or is Tang Seng to own as long as meet Yan to fly meeting 100 divide 100 be covered up into the paranormal power of underground. Along with distance volcano the eruption is more and more vigorous Jose Altuve Astros Jersey, the volcano ash in the sky is also more and more, slowly these volcano ash fills the air square the circle is 100 kilometer the skies.In the volcano spew center most, the volcano ash hides a sky to cover a day, the satellite of outer space has already canned not see there of concrete circumstance.However the sky of the information source place cave, the distance volcano district in the eruption center still has one to be apart from, so though have already filled the air volcano ash here, these volcanos will haven't completely separated the satellite in the outer space for peeping here. So when the Yan that is dressed in outside skeleton armor flies from that cave in drill out of time, would right away drive satellite detection in other country in the sky.Arrive the rice country fighter jets f-15s to suddenly appear, fly into a line of guided missile attack to the Yan, result drive early ready to of unmanned machine polishing off of clean benefit Suo.Arrive Tang Seng is from the forest in jump out, fly into to go a sneak attack to the Yan.Arrive Yan to fly to make use of unmanned machine to break through underground, Tang Seng bury at collapse to fall of cave in, the whole processes are all seen by the satellite on the sky clear. Pass the satellite in the space predicts to the position of that strong signal source Yordan Alvarez Astros Jersey, those nation have already made sure the real location of signal source, is the cave that the Yan flew to drop down with Tang Seng just.The person of these nation sees from inside in that cave incredibly someone came out and worried that person to take away the key product in the cave right away.However they around have no military existence in Kenya, the momentary can not also send a hand to carry on concrete quest to there. When these nation be worried about the person who wears outside skeleton armor to take the secret of key product, but Tang Seng suddenly appear, and flew in to go a war with Yan.Hence these nation of person simultaneously act as to eat melon crowd to enjoy a play, part the transfer is personal square hand, will at most short time rush through into that information source head and participate in a looting of key product.Who know fly in the Yan of calculate under, this war ended in the beginning.Isn't only this, under the terrible explosion power, all of that were very airtight caves to still take place to collapse to fall. In addition to rice country, other nations is basically careless of Tang Seng to exactly have from the cave in come out, they concern more of is still that key product in the cave just not at, the person who knows a key product secret will can't leave right away. These nations all control to cut off airtight intelligence report and know some secrets that the common run of people don't know.So after receiving the electromagnetism signal of that mightiness, they know that the product that they expect already a long time again appeared.So for getting this key product Alex Bregman Astros Jersey, everyone quickly transfers native military force to rush through into Africa and wipes the preparation that the boxing whets Zhang to carry on looting to that product. Just these nation have no too many military existence in African Continent, can adjust to gather military force to rush through into Africa from oneself's mainland, so need to consume certain time.But the noodles only has a rice country here excepted, because they receive Ba Dun to at the right moment have a military base in Kenya, in set out a great deal of military force.So after knowing and appearing a key product here, the rice country changed the task of Tang Seng's this trip right away, will seize key product as first important affair.Combine to start out military force at the same time, disregard price to also want to rob that key product to come to hand inside. This is also though is all volcano ash everywhere in the sky, these volcano ash will result in to the cowling huge injury, very likely will make the airplane crash, plus a front to still have a fighting strength the very strong mysterious airplane exists of under the circumstance, the rice soldier commanding officer still don't shrink back, insisted carrying on the reason that the military force throws in toward the target location. Original everyone's plans are all very good, but who also what to have never thought BE, inside in the target location incredibly drills out a person who wears outside skeleton armor.Is also say, the place of that key product place has already been been getting more victory to the swift-footed, that key product probably has already been got by that person very much, and even the electromagnetism signal of that mightiness is that person to release. So everyone started tightly staring at the person who wears outside skeleton armor, but let the their angry circumstance take place.That be at and Tang Seng's war in, this person incredibly will may conceal the cave of prehistoric and high-tech civilization product to destroy.By so doing, they very may what also can not get, would make them cut up rough very much. That cave thoroughly collapses to fall, rock and sediment collapsing to fall to descend compute with the hundred million ton at least.And was originally a steep forest here, the transportation is very and inconvenient, weighed a type material basically enter not, so want here carried on excavation to those rocks, underground under the high-tech product of possible existence intact have no digging out of Sun, the difficulty bears comparison with ascended heaven, and wanted to expend of time was also very long. However although these nation cut up rough,have no way to this, because they incapable to this is dint.And along with volcano of continue to spew, the volcano ash in the sky also more and more intensive, slowly spread all over this sky, finally and thoroughly cut off the satellite in the space observation the path of the ground, make those satellites all become to open eyes blind, any further detection not the circumstance of underground, can be a stem get excited. Yan's flying to the most purpose of Africa is the hostage that saves to return to dreamlike island, but in this process, he slowly discovered rice the people and"African brilliance" organization are allied to put together of scheme.These two square the influence collaborate with together, be for the sake of thoroughly the one who kill to demolish, if being not an artificial intelligence is "fantasy" of super strong ability, the Yan flies to completely probably step into the trap of the other party.But once stepping into the whichever trap of the other party constitution Christian Yelich Brewers Jersey, the Yan flies and then is certain to die. Plus the Yan flew to just drill a ground now, drive the fighter jet attack of rice soldier, immediately after return quilt the absolute being class sneak attack of superior, Tang Seng, , almost make him die unnatural death, this serial attack finally incenses Yan to fly, the fury also making him depressive already a long time thoroughly breaks out.Hence the Yan surging of great fury flies to launch a hopeless situation here big counter-attack, he wants to greatly open rule against killing, he wants to leave an eternal life for own enemy to be unforgettable to profoundly teach. The rice army fact dint is strong, own nuclear weapon machine not to say, there are also various black science and technologies that didn't make a show of, so the Yan flies a list can not thoroughly solve a rice country with an unmanned machine.However although he can not thoroughly defeat a rice country, but can let the rice country exist in the military of Africa to give discount greatly, let their influences thoroughly withdraw Africa. As for that"African brilliance" is extreme to organize, the their leaders big fiesta takes charge of, besides which, , all of others are weak chickens, face unmanned machine defenseless.But the big fiesta department have already been flown by the Yan to kill by explosion, leaving those member's positions has already been flown by the Yan to control, Yan's flying can shoot guided missile attack these people at any time and thoroughly annihilate from African Continent this extreme organization. Yan's flying has already returned to unmanned machine bridge house, so as long as the unmanned machine isn't ruined by the shot, he is placed in absolutely safe status.But the unmanned machine be again placed in his/her own real strenght highest point now and own the energy point that a sky measures not to say, there is also complete weapon equipments, the Yan flies to want to attackstone who can attackstone who, root need not anily was afraid of. Spread all over volcano ash in the sky, made the satellite in the outer space become blind person.But the unmanned machine "see" of the ability is very strong, so the Yan flies to still keep"see"ing the circumstance of knowing the ground.Just compare previous come to say, "see" be not very know just.

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