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    The Yan flew to see one eye underground, that lately- appeared big pit and finally still suppressed to shoot type gbu-28's laser guidance bomb to carry on the plan that drills a ground of attack to Tang Seng of the underground. Because the Yan flies can not also make sure Tang Seng's condition now, don't know that Tang Seng is exactly covered up at the underground as well which place, so even if use a laser guidance drills a ground of bomb to carry on an attack to Tang Seng, can not necessarily by a happy chance deep-fry Tang Seng as well.If didn't be deep-fried to arrive Tang Seng, on the contrary break through a passage that leads to a ground for him, let Tang Seng take off to trap but, that be not the Yan flies a hope of. Even if the Yan flies what don't do as well, Tang Seng has already been covered up in the underground and has already canned not fly to result in to threaten to the Yan in the in a short time.So the Yan flies simply no longer miss more Tang Seng's affair, but put attention at how exterminate the rice country exists this affair in African military up. Fly in the Yan take place with Tang Seng brief cross swords of in this period of time, inside's the rice soldier fighter jet machines of distance already battlefield near the this place.Unmanned machine quantum radar early probe the circumstance of the other party clear, that fighter jet machines totally have 24 rice soldier battle airplanes, 22 among those fighter jets f-15s that are the latest model numbers of rices country air force, in addition to these fighter jets, in still have 2 electronic combat airplane"howler"s. In this scale huge fighter jet machines behind, the soldier e-3"hope building" of then a rice early-warning machine, at the e-3"hope building" early-warning machine there are also two rices soldier conveyance c-5 machines that carried air-borne troops behind.This fighter jet machines adjust a degree at the e-3"hope building" the conductor of the early-warning machine under, the positive facing Yan flies a place direction to fly to come over. The Yan at this time flies is exactly surge of great fury of time Josh Hader Jersey, on discovering these rices military airplanes for striking, he didn't choose a concession, but flew up to left for, will shot down this fighter jet machines and give the rice soldier one the whole life unforgettable teach …… The rice country has been passing the satellite concern in the space to hit the ground as well the circumstance of noodles, be to see that mysterious fighter jet to suddenly appear, F after square's two shots f-15s ruin, they made sure the right away wear outside skeleton armor person of identity, that person is exactly the target that they act this time-demolish. Then Tang Seng, who ambush already a long time, suddenly make moves and carry on a sneak attack towards demolishing, the rice country lets go of heart.They know Tang Seng very severe, and he still adopts still sneak attack method, so demolish in no way escape by sheer luck this time of possibility.But along with the development of war situation, but the rice country is greatly disappointed, because they most for entrust of Tang Seng be incredibly demolished to cover up underground, but originally the destruction that is arrested but is to obtain victory, and succeed of return to no man noodles on board. See such an out of the blue of result after, person's heart of rice country is a breakup.They are also shock at the same time, in their eyes, the whole world has never developed to submit the outside skeleton armor of having the true war function, so demolish the outside skeleton armor on the body should just for the sake of cover up identity Michael Jordan White Sox Jersey, there is no actual fighting strength.Who know in the true war, demolish a , this outside skeleton armor but developed a violent function, brought Tang Seng huge trouble, make Tang Seng covered up in the underground. Then the rice country get up towards demolishing this outside skeleton armor for the eye heat, however they don't think that this outside skeleton armor is what demolish they make, all think this outside skeleton armor is demolish from the key product of underground cave in acquire.Is also say, demolishing has already got in touch with a key product, still from the key product in get a concrete advantage, he even may have already known the secret of key product. Because that cave has already completely collapsed to fall, the key product is also covered up deep place at the underground, so want to know the secret of key product, and get hold of this outside skeleton armor, even for completing the plan that they at the beginning remove to demolish, the rice countries have to will demolish polish off or is grasp to catch.Otherwise the rice country loses in this activity miserably heavy don't say, return a to have no acquisition. So after discovering that Tang Seng fails, that fighter jet machines didn't stop an activity, but continued in the sky facing Yan to fly the direction of place to fly over there.Though the weather in nowadays is basically unsuitable for an airplane battle, plus their opponents still that mysterious unfathomable invisible airplane, these rice country the airplane pilot didn't also shrink back, but bravely faced difficult but up, will with lend own amount advantage to consume that invisible airplane dead.Then the one who grasp to catch to lose the destruction that the mysterious airplane helps a war, complete own strategic task. Rice soldier air force the one who want to polish off to demolish, the Yan flies to also want to polish off the rice soldier's military force in Africa, both not and mutually let with each other.After discovering that the rice country fighter jet machines are just closing to toward oneself, Yan's flying don't also shrink back Anthony Rizzo Cubs Jersey, but the beginning squareds face to face.Under the operation that Yan flies, unmanned machine in the sky 1 change direction, rapid fly to rise to 25000 meters high air, facing rice soldier fighter jets of the front fly. Although the rice soldier wants with lend amount advantage to consume the mysterious airplane that the dead demolishes, that mysterious airplane is an invisible airplane, so even if the e-3"hope building" the radar of the early-warning machine continuously carries on a scanning, didn't also discover any trace that the airplane exists in the sky in distance.But the rice the people knows, the mysterious airplane of that terror is certain in place ahead wait them, however they have no be afraid, but the empty area of the facing front rapid onrush. Because the reason of the volcano ash, the rice country has already lost the function that carries on probing to the ground in the satellite in the outer space, so can not with lend satellite to carry on a fixed position to the unmanned machine.The rice the people originally expected that that mysterious airplane used the gps navigation system of rice country, so they could pass their own the movements that the gps satellite finds out unmanned machine.Unfortunately they disappointed, because the special of the unmanned machine, it didn't use any satellite navigation system Javier Baez Cubs Jersey, the nature is also impossible will leave his/her own flight trace in the satellite. The unmanned machine silently has no flying of an interest and quietly closes to anterior rice soldier battle airplane machines from the 25000 meters high vacancy.Because the volcano ash in the sky is more and more reason, biggest influenced a rice soldier the airplane pilot and airplane ascend optics to prognosticate instrumental view, so not only the radar of rice soldier early-warning machine can not discover unmanned machine, being their airplane pilot and optical instrument can not also discover unmanned machine. Just very short time, the unmanned machine came right away a rice soldier battle the airplane machines 50 kilometers in the front, for promising own absolute safety, the unmanned machine has never continued close to.But is make use of quantum thunder the method target a target, then the machine body quickly vibrate, 1 time shot 10 air-to-air missiles aim-120s, the attack target of these air-to-air missiles aim-120s was exactly the e-3"hope building" of the rice soldier early-warning machine. The e-3"hope building" early-warning machine is a rice soldier air force the strength war power double a machine, as long as the e-3"hope building" early-warning machine still exists, the war power of rice soldier fighter jet will get to build up, so the Yan flies of the first attack target is the early-warning machine of rice soldier Corey Seager Dodgers Jersey.But shoot this all empty guided missile along with the unmanned machine, its movements exposed for an instant over there, however complete along with the guided missile blast-off, the machine stomach below plays a Cang door to close, the unmanned machine re- got into invisible status. Time that this unmanned machine exposes is very short, basically and too late let the rice military airplanes target unmanned machine to erupt to shoot guided missile to carry on an attack.However with lend the place for unmanned machine to expose movements directions, the rice soldier early-warning machine still discovered unmanned machine mostly scope, then inputed in the computer have been already known of concerning unmanned machine of some datas, with lends the emulation calculation of calculator ability, willing reckon an unmanned machine may exist of position directions. Just this analysis basically without resort to a table, because the flight circumstance of unmanned machine with normal airplane of fly a circumstance completely different, so analysis of rice soldier early-warning machine to unmanned machine directions root be at do useless achievement.

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