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    So though unmanned machine machine the body is completely invisible to radar, but after the unmanned machine machine body taints with volcano ash, the circumstance took place to converse.At rice soldier early-warning machine radar up, those volcano ash starts reflecting radar wave.But early-warning machine with borrow to carry on analysis on the radar time wave of volcano ash of body to the unmanned machine machine, incredibly held tight the movements of unmanned machine. Just the volcano ash isn't a prison prison to be stained with on the unmanned machine fuselage, will also take place to fallen off in the flying process, so the early warning is on board concerning unmanned machine of radar time the wave is very small, and but clear, but misty, basically not enough to target unmanned machine.However compare and before and completely can not discover unmanned machine movements, can hold tight unmanned machine mostly now the movements was already a huge victory.There is this wave Clayton Kershaw Dodgers Jersey, the rice soldier can ast least know unmanned machine now where, can't be like before similar completely passive suffer beating. The volcano ash in the sky resulted in to the enemy whom the Yan flies a lot of troublesome, but this is troublesome is opposite, it also resulted in to the unmanned machine at the same time troublesome, let it expose its own movements on board in the early warning for the first time.The Yan flies oneself the very clear unmanned machine also faces now of circumstance, however he didn't worry this affair too much as well, because of front of the fighter jet machines are basically not enough with the safety that threatens to the unmanned machine. In the sky, the unmanned machine shoots of 10 air-to-air missile aim-120s Be rapid to fly, their targets are that rice soldier e-3"hope building" with backmost machines early-warning machine.The air-to-air missiles aim-120s are after promoting the power unmanned machines of strengthen edition, the power gets to biggest promote, but has no invisible ability, they just the disheveled hair projection went, drive the radar of the early-warning machine detection.The early-warning machine carries on analysis to these flights tracks that strike guided missile, knew their attacks targets, then the early-warning machine starts combining the concrete positions and statuses of nearby machines place, will draw up a homologous battle project. Before the Yan flies of in battle experience, under the guide line of unmanned machine quantum radar, this 10 air-to-air missiles aim-120s can already ensure that the shot ruined the early-warning machine of rice soldier.What to can have never thought BE, the unmanned machine didn't before and never once meet early-warning machine of consociation conductor battle, so he still had some small lo the fighting strength of early-warning machine to double ability. Under the scanning of rice soldier early-warning machine radar, that 10 flight tracks that strengthen the version air-to-air missiles aim-120s drive perfect catch.Then the early-warning machine start carrying on battle project of data transmission and distribute, conductor nearby of the airplane machines battle.After receiving a concrete battle task, the airplane machines beginning carries on a battle according to the battle task.See that 22 fighter jets f-15s of full-time battles shoot air-to-air missiles aim-120s right away, each f-15 shot two air-to-air missiles aim-120s, they totally shot 44 all empty guided missiles. This 44 all empty guided missiles constituted under the unified conductor of early-warning machine a perfect battle defense net, have no of defense loophole.Wait until the unmanned machine shoots of 10 strengthen after the version air-to-air missiles aim-120s get into intercept a net Fernando Valenzuela Dodgers Jersey, 40 air-to-air missiles aim-120s of rice soldier start starting out, every 4 air-to-air missiles aim-120s attackstones the version air-to-air missiles aim-120s of strengthening of an unmanned machine.After continuously adopting from the method for exploding, the unmanned machine shoots of 10's strengthening the version air-to-air missiles aim-120s be incredibly and all shotted down by the rice soldier fighter jet machines, behind of the rice soldier e-3"hope building" the early-warning machine didn't suffer from any injury. The first round has never battled with early-warning machine empirical Yan to fly attack to defeat. After discovering that the guided missile that oneself shoots is all intercepted, the Yan flew to also finally discover the terror of the rice soldier group battle.If he before and the rice soldier airplane battle of time, suffered the unified conductor of early-warning machine and adjust a degree, see according to the results in battle like this, the very probably unmanned machine basically could not has cheapness, can not let the unmanned machine rise to 5 classes, because unmanned machine early be ruined by the rice soldier airplane shot. When the Yan flies and discovers a rice soldier true war power Justin Turner Dodgers Jersey, the unmanned machine examines to an electromagnetism interference of mightiness, and still a kind of whole channel that has no dead angle interference.It is two"howler" electronic combat airplanes in the rice soldier battle machines to start making effort and carry on strong electronics interference to the unmanned machine. However the unmanned machine is a Yan and flies at carry on direct control, he and the contact of the of unmanned machine is the way that completely can not understand by a kind of the Earth science and technology carries on, so though the war power of that 2 electronic combat airplanes is very strong, but their electronic combat to unmanned machine have no function, the Yan flies even and didn't realize between unmanned machine and himself/herself of respond and have any muff or is deferred circumstance and appear. The Yan flew to sound out sex attack to discover the rice military airplane swarm body battle strength for the first time of strong, however the Yan flew don't put these fighter jets in the mind.After rising to 5 classes, the weapon of unmanned machine carries lotus ability to significantly promote Cody Bellinger Dodgers Jersey, one number of times according to break after the weapon amount of total amount taking come to a many 92 tons and attain 0.3 ton calculations by an air-to-air missile aim-120 weight that strengthens a version, unmanned machine a day inside can the air-to-air missile aim-120 amount shooting come to a 306 of many.The thus huge guided missile shoots an amount, even if is to adopt to the method for consuming, also the ability consumes battle machines of this rice soldier dead. Still have most importance a point, that is the Yan to fly have already completed this time all tasks that come African Continent, although he wants to vent a fury in heart and exists a rice soldier to all exterminate in the military of African Continent, but he isn't discovering that the matter can basically don't need to die with rice soldier Ke for of under the circumstance but canning break away to leave at any time, . So fly to the Yan in nowadays to say, he was signed to an invincible position.He of so stay here and the rice soldier battle, only is because cut up rough oneself be calculated by the rice soldier, and let the dreamlike islander member appear dead and injured, so just want to leave for rice soldier a deep teach.At the same time also for acquiring more eminent contributions, let so much the unmanned function enough and again get stripe. Hence after the first attack failed, the unmanned machine didn't discourage, but continued to fly and arrived at to close to the rice soldier battle airplane machines 30 kilometers, again the rice soldier of the facing underneath battles the machines shot 20 air-to-air missiles aim-120s.Just arrived to be apart from a rice soldier battle machine 30 kilometers after, unmanned machine no longer absolute safety, because of underneath of rice soldier battle the machines can also attackstone unmanned machine. Because the volcano eruption is still continuing of reason Mookie Betts Dodgers Jersey, make air volcano ash more and more, so in the flying process, more volcano ash were stained with unmanned machine machine in the body and made unmanned machine's time in the rice soldier early-warning machine radar the wave is more and more big.When this target shape greatly to certain extent behind, the early-warning machine of rice soldier finally can target unmanned machine. Hence when the unmanned machine again shot 20 air-to-air missiles aim-120s, the unmanned machine again exposed its movements and plused the reason of volcano ash, the rice soldier early-warning machine finally and completely targeted unmanned machine.Then receive the rice soldier battle machines that the early-warning machine orderanies to also start shooting air-to-air missiles aim-120s. Each fighter jets f-15s shot two air-to-air missiles aim-120s, 22 rice soldier fighter jets f-15s totally shot 44 air-to-air missiles aim-120s, and their purposes are the unmanned machines of attack distance. This is own invisible ability of 5 class the unmanned machine be thoroughly targeted by the radar of rice soldier for the first time, erupt to shoot guided missile to carry on an attack.The unmanned machine quantum radar discovered danger right away, and flew for Yan to send out a warning.The Yan flies heart in a bit in distress situation, have never thought the volcano ash in the sky to incredibly still have function like this, let own unmanned machine expose movements.

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